Setting The Stage With The Right Invitation

wedding ringsSo, you’ve secured the church, found a hall, picked out your dress and have the caterer lined up. Your bridesmaids are ready and your flowers have been ordered.

All the planning and excitement will finally be shared with your loved ones and friends when they receive the invitation! Your invitation is truly special. It sets the tone for your entire event. It not only tells your guests who, what, when and where but it also reflects your uniqueness as a couple and what lies ahead for the special day.

Tips to make the process go smoothly:

Start early! Choosing your invitation can be mind boggling. Walk into any stationary store or party store and you will see albums; lots and lots of huge albums! Don’t let the size scare you. Album companies have carefully paired invitations and accessories into categories.

The first few pages will include special instructions and will show you examples of colors and fonts. You will find verses and examples of unique wording. Most companies will print in foreign languages and most will customize any invitation, including those using your own art work.

Extra costs may apply and will be reflected in these first few pages. Use sticky flags to note the pages of those items you like. With so many choices some brides-to-be may be overwhelmed at even the thought of finding the right invitation. Bridal coordinators and event planners can help with this task and may even include this as part of their fees.

If you choose to do this on your own, take your time. Once you receive your invitation order you will need time to address the envelopes and apply the postage. Wedding invitations should be mailed 8-10 weeks before the date. Planing ahead and staying organized with greatly decrease your stress level.

Determine your budget. There are beautiful invitation sets to fit any budget. Engraved invitations are classic and very formal and are higher priced because of the process involved. Thermagraphy is a time honored technique as well and has the look and feel of engraved invitations. Do-it-yourself kits are now available, too.

Write your guest list. Besides a headcount for the caterer, your list will tell you the number of invitations you will need to order. To determine that number, take a full count of all your guests and divide in half then add 25.

For example, your guest-list has 150 names. Divide that number by 2 to equal 75, then add 25. Your order should be for 100 invitations. This will allow for extras and errors when addressing envelopes.

Work with a reputable dealer. Ask your friends for recommendations. Searching the web is a good place to start but you’ll want to find someone that will help you with the wording and placing your order.

A referral from another satisfied customer is your best bet. You will see literally hundreds of different types of invitations and hundreds of companies. A reputable dealer will work with you within your budget, your theme and your time frame.

Determine your style. Decide if the upcoming event is formal or causal. The type of invitation you choose will help your guests decide on their attire. It sets the stage and tells your guests what to expect. White and ivory are not your only choices.

Card stock comes in all colors and almost any design you can think of. If you have a theme or color combination in mind, choose an invitation that relates to the theme. This will give your guests the first impression of what to expect at the event. You will need to choose a font style and color ink. Pick those that are pleasing to the eye and easily read.

Narrow your choices to two or three invitations and ask for quotes. Some companies charge separately for all the extras while others will add them into the costs. You may be expected to pay shipping and handling costs as well as sales tax, if applicable in your state.