Outrageous Marriage Video Proposal

Online diamond merchant James Allen just launched a new video contest featuring this outrageous marriage proposal video created by http://www.Viral-Campaigns.com and which they are hosting on their website.

The video is obviously funny and I got a good laugh from it. I’m sure it was created in the spirit of good cheer and humor. However, I’m not entirely certain of the marketing strategy vis a vis the use of this video as a marketing tool for an online diamond merchant given that they cater equally to many women who might find this video offensive.

I guess if the purpose is to engender some laughs and good cheer then it works…. though you may notice most of the posted responses coming from the male gender…..

It would be interesting to know how women might react to this video?

Will they derive the same laugh and recognize some good natured humor in this video?

Or, will they take offense to the possibly sexist overtones of this video and wonder why it is being hosted by a website looking to appeal equally to the female gender?

From a standpoint of generating immediate and considerable social and viral traffic to the James Allen diamonds website, this video is great. Already, the video has close to 25,000 views and that number is sure to grow quickly as the video gets “seeded’ all over the net.

To this end, JamesAllen would not be the first online diamond merchant to create a video of this nature for immediate and considerable viral traffic. Of course, the more provocative and explicit the video is, the more attention it gets.

“There is no such thing as bad publicity” and these videos are designed to bring considerable traffic to the hosting companies website which hopefully translates into increased sales and conversions. There are several online diamond merchants who have already hosted and published videos for this purpose.

The question I have is whether the specific nature of the video is something which will ultimately appeal to and influence the “pocketbooks” of the many consumers (certainly women) who are the ultimate target audience for this video’s creation in the first place?

Food for thought and I guess time will tell.

Either way, the video is pretty funny!