What Kind of Information to Include in a Wedding Invitation

Save the Date cards are used by some brides to announce their marriage as well as tell their guests to save the date! Although not part of the official invitation, those receiving this card or magnet will expect an invitation when the event is near.

The Invitation Card will hold the information for the actual marriage ceremony. This will include an inner and an outer envelope. The inner envelope is used to note the names of the attendees. Ex. Mr; and Mrs. Barry Jones and Family The outer envelopes are addressed to your guests. Some companies now have online addressing services. Calligraphy is still used as well for more formal events.

The Reception Card tells your guests where the reception will be held and at what time they may arrive. This card is left out of the invitation if you choose to invite people to the church only. Some brides opt to have this information placed on the invitation, thus eliminating the need for this item.

The Response Card is the card your guests will return as an RSVP. A self-addressed stamped envelope is included with this card. Include a date for the rsvp a week before you actually need to let your caterer know the head count. You may include menu choices on this card.

Directions and maps may be included in the invitation. It is not recommended that you include registry notices in the invitation. Tissue papers are usually included but are now more of a tradition then a necessity. Engraved invitations should have the tissue included.

When you are ready to order, review the wording and spelling very carefully. Request a proof so you can see exactly what the invitation will look like. Changes can easily be made at this point. Errors can be costly if they are not caught before the order is printed. Shipping time may, depending on the company. Once your order has arrived count the pieces and report any shortages or errors right away.

Your next step will be to assemble one invitation set and have it weighed at the post office for postage requirements. Don’t forget the postage for the response card envelopes. Once addressed, sealed, and posted your invitations will be ready to be mailed to your guests announcing your special day!