Choosing the Perfect Favor – How Will Your Guests Remember the Wedding?

wedding dayYour wedding is drawing to a close and your guests are headed home. What will be their last image of your big day? Wedding favors give your guests a chance to think back to your wedding and how much fun they had at the big event, but how do you choose the right ones? Follow these steps to make sure you have the perfect favors for your guests:

Set a budget for your favors – There are literally thousands of favors available, setting a budget will help you narrow the field. Be sure to consider how much you want to spend overall and how much you will spend on each guest. You can generally find beautiful, unique favors ranging in price from $2 each to $15 or $20 each (and up).

Go with your theme. Find favors that go with your theme, they can double as decorations, and can easily be left at each place setting without looking out of place.

You’ll no doubt be able to find hundreds of favor choices that match your theme. If you find the perfect favor, but it is not in your theme, ask if they will make changes to it. Most companies will work with you to help you get the perfect favor.

Consider your guests. Who will be receiving the favors? Are they just close friends and family, or are you inviting friends from work, parents friends, etc. What is the overall personality of your guests?

Are they fun loving or serious, formal or informal? Remember, favors are gifts for your guests, try to find something you think that most of your guests will enjoy.

Will you personalize your favor? Personalizing a favor may increase the price slightly, but often only minimally, and it does make it much more personal. Consider, will personalization make this more attractive to your guest, or will having your names on it make them less likely to use it? Some items may be best without personalization, will Sue from work really use that frame with your names on it?

Do you want a favor that can be used up, or one that your guests can keep. In general, favors that can be used up by guests are only kept a short time, but they will get used.

Often, guests complain that favors that can be kept are not something they can use, leaving them with the choice of throwing it away or sticking it on the back of a shelf somewhere. Try to take this into consideration as you make your choice.

A small warning – If you are going to use a scented item, such as a sachet, make sure that it is wrapped or keep it away from the dinner table. You don’t want the beautiful scents to ruin the taste of dinner for your guests. A favor table can easily take care of this.

In the end, remember that your favors reflect upon you and your event. Choose a favor that you feel represents you, your spouse to be, and your wedding day, and you’re sure to leave your guests with fantastic memories of your special day.